Interview With My Sister About My Blog

Me: What were your first thought/impressions on my blog? Sister: The blog is formatted in a simple style. The posts are easy to read and find. It is also easy to comment. Me: What captured your attention? Sister: The mood board post was what caught my eye. It was a great how-to demonstration and I […]

My Opinions on School

My ideal school would be a reasonably large (same size as my school now) building with a big gym, a field or some space for recess, a pool, and sanitary classrooms and bathrooms. It would include healthy lunches that are made with fresh ingredients the day it is served. I am actually neutral on the […]

Earth Day

Do you really understand the current state of our Earth? Climate change is harming and bringing more and more chaos to our planet. Global temperatures are rising, air is becoming polluted and unsafe to breathe, forests are disappearing, and bodies of water are filled with deadly materials harmful to animals. We must change our bad […]

How to Make an Image

To make an image, I simply just took a photo of something I drew. I then used PhotoFunia ( to create a border/background for that photo. Creating your own photos is the best way so that you can avoid having to list your sources. Here is the end result: The image in the picture of […]

How to Comment On A Blog

How To Comment: Go to ‘Recent Posts’ or a section created by the blogger for all his/her blogs (This is usually on one of the side bars) Find an appealing post to comment on (it can be an argument you agree with, an interesting how-to, or the All About Me page). Click on the post […]

My Avatar

This is my avatar! I created this to represent me in a way. I usually enjoy having my hair in a ponytail (with side hairs/bangs) and I have a mole on the bottom left corner of my mouth.  I am Chinese (black hair, black eyes, peach skin), but I live and was born in the […]